There are a lot of so called entrepreneurial golden rules that float around especially from silicon valley entrepreneurs.

Here are a few:

  • Move fast and break things
  • If you are not embarrassed by your first product you have launched too late
  • Everyone should know how to sell

I tend to ignore most golden rules like above, and make my own rules as I go along.

A good leader is not who everyone turns to for questions and directions when they are lost.

A good leader is one who creates an environment that empowers people working in the organisation to take decisions on their own.

A good leader is one who fosters a culture where people feel independent in the way they go about doing their work.

A good leader is one who uses every opportunity to communicate the vision of the company/product.

A good leader stays close to the team and is aware of what is happening. Able to see and hear what challenges other team members are facing everyday is so critical.

With implementation of GDPR and other privacy laws, we are increasingly seeing companies explaining, now more so, in details about what information they collect about us.

It serves as a good guide for knowing more about the tech stack, and other strategies companies use. Smaller companies, especially startups could follow the lead and add some of them to their product pipeline.

Here an how the cookie list from quora looks like,

First impression — its a lot !

A lot of user information is saved in cookies, which means the pages can load fast and not much is required from server for personalisation and other customisations. Makes for a better user experience.

Economists and policy makers world over cry over ease of doing business, or lack thereof. More so when it comes to markets in the developing countries, especially India.

I do not normally agree that doing business in India is difficult, making money is even easier. …

Supratim Chowdhury

Arm-Chair Entrepreneur, Full stack developer.

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