Two youtube enhancements I would love to see

Supratim Chowdhury
2 min readJan 29, 2018


Youtube is a good source of entertainment for me. I love it, especially when commuting.

It also sucks. There are loads of things which make it really annoying to use. Here are a couple of enhancements I wish it could make.

  • Ads

I know Ads are the lifelines, and I don’t mind them most of the times. But most of the times they are repetitive and pointless.

Also why do I have to see ads before every video I watch ? Why cant Youtube force me to watch an ad for 30 seconds and then mute the ads for at least a few more videos. I am sure Youtube can track my session and engagement to offer me a better experience. I guess a bit like how Spotify do it could work.

  • Subscriptions

I have a few subscriptions, and I mostly watch them the playlists in order. However, Youtube consistently loses track of what I played last and it takes me another few taps to get back to where I left last.

Subscriptions should be sorted by last watched

Also, funny enough the most viewed subscription keeps moving to the end of the list ! And sometimes does not appear at all, unless I click on ALL in subscriptions

There are few other annoying things in my list, but I would be satisfied if youtube fix the above two for me.



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